Business Trekker GT, the ebike that allows you to 145...

Trekker GT, the ebike that allows you to 145 km with a single charge

Within the sector of the motorcycles are every time more and more companies have been adopting electric propulsion as part of its production line for the manufacture of integrated models with this system.

One of them has been Triumph Motorcycles who has been in the news these days for the launch of the Trekker GT, your first ebike with which you will have the opportunity to travel up to 150 km on a single charge.

It’s been more than a century the firm produced its first motorcycle under the name of Triumph Engineering in 1902. However, economic problems emerged in 1983 made that the facility, your name and the manufacturing rights were acquired by businessman John Bloor. This then would take the decision to rename it Triumph Motorcycles and move their operations to the city of Hinkley in Leicestershire, England.

It is as well as currently the company has returned to the place where it all began with the launch of this ebike whose aesthetic at first glance it is pleasant and, while not known for being futuristic, its features will ensure a smooth trip for the city when you have to go to school or the office.

Features of the Trekker GT

Triumph has decided to equip this model 24 kg with the driving mode Shimano. Added to this, a motor of 250 W Steps E6100 mounted in the center to 60 Nm of torque, as well as a battery E8035 of 504 Wh lockable installed in the lower part of the tube that comprises the frame made of hydroformed aluminum.

In addition, in this model you will find hubs Shimano, a shift lever 10 speed, cassette and crank, a front derailleur, brakes Deore M6000 and a screen Shimano in which you’ll be able to have the opportunity to check the status of the driving.

ebike trakker gt

However, in regards to the box 6061, this is brand name attribute is also present on the seatpost and the cuffs of the ends of the handlebar of narrow width, while in the front you will find a plaque of the company made of cast aluminum in which the cables of the assistance system pedaling are installed inside in order to provide a more long-winded.

With respect to the wheels, these come with a size of 27.5 inches coated tires Schwalbe Energizer Green Guard, while the forks RockShox Paragon of 65 mm, and are designed to provide a soft cushioning when passing a pothole, having also LED lighting built-in front and behind.

ebike trakker gtebike trakker gt

For a better comfort when handling the ebike, nothing better than a Selle-Royal Live. In addition, the Trekker GT has locking function for the rear wheel ABUS Pro-Shield, as well as a cargo shelf located in the rear.

Finally, the Trekker GT has a fender full-length, a feature ubiquitous on all ebike claims to be british, complemented with the presence of smart technologies such as GPS tracking, on board, a mobile application to monitor the performance, etc

You’ll be able to have the chance to acquire this model of ebike in silver finish and black for a value of $3.750.

For more information about this model, you can enter HERE



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