Tremor in Santander, Colombia, this Sunday, October 11

The tremor, according to the authorities report, had the epicenter in Los Santos, Santander, near Bucaramanga.

Its depth was 150 kilometers, and it was felt in various parts of the department, according to a report from users on social networks.

So far no damage to infrastructure has been reported, or people injured by this earthquake that caused several Colombians to get up early.

Los Santos is a frequent place of tremors in Colombia as it has the highest seismic activity in the country, and one of the highest in the world, according to experts cited in the past by RCN News.

In that municipality of Santander it is possible that there are up to 40 daily earthquakes; however, many are imperceptible.

Others, such as the earthquake this Sunday, can be felt in various sectors of the country.


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