TRENDING: How to pray the bodies of ‘Ma’ruf Amin’ and Puan Maharani is rumored to ask for Islamic religious education to be removed

SEPUTARTANGSEL.COM – Circulating a viral video using the name of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, KH Ma’ruf Amin on social media.

The viral video that was circulating contained a narration entitled ‘How to pray the body of the vice president Ma’ruf Amin, use bowing and prostration’.

Telematics expert Roy Suryo also responded to the viral video circulating and using the name Ma’ruf Amin.

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Here’s the full review:

1. Video ‘How to pray the body of the vice president Ma’ruf Amin using bowing and prostration’, Roy Suryo: Hoax, Kominfo should…

Roy Suryo said the video entitled ‘How to Pray the Body of the Vice President Ma’ruf Amin, Use Rukuk and Prostration’ is a hoax.

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