Trenord cancels 50 trips a day “due to the record heat”. But commuters and opposition are not there: “Falsehood, it is like this every year”

Il hot record also sends i into a tailspin trains. Or at least that’s what they tell in Lombardydove Trenord has canceled from last Monday until at least Thursday 21 more than 50 runs per day, out of a total of approximately 2,172, and shortened the length of many convoys. For the company, half owned by the regional subsidiary Fnm and for half of Trenitaliaat the origin of the decision there is the exceptional heat that imposes the need for extraordinary maintenance interventions. But commuters and opposition to the Pirellone they don’t fit in and believe that the heat is only one sorry for hiding problems which are repeated every summer and every winter as well.

Among the lines affected by cancellations and reductions of convoys are the Mariano Comense – Milano Passante – Milano Rogoredo, the Novara – Milano – Pioltello, the Milano – Saronno – Como, the Milano – Saronno – Varese – Laveno, the Pavia – Torreberetti – Alessandria and Pavia – Mortara – Vercelli. “Due to the extreme heat wave of these days – they say from Trenord – these actions are necessary to guarantee an extraordinary maintenance plan for the trains subjected to exceptional effortsespecially on the traction and conditioning systems of the cars. Most of the trains in circulation today are equipped with air conditioning systems that lock in self-protection when 35 degrees centigrade is exceeded. Therefore, safety reasons require constant and more frequent maintenance interventions than usual. There are no particular problems on the new generation trains, in particular Caravaggio and Donizetti, already in circulation on 14 lines ”.

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But Trenord’s explanations, which does not provide the exact number of canceled journeys, are not convincing commuter committees: “Many of the canceled races are made with TSR convoys that are only 10 years old – says the president of the Mi.Mo.Al association (Milan-Mortara-Alessandria) Franco Aggio – So the problem for these convoys is not only the heat, but also something else that is not mentioned ”. An observation on which Trenord, overheard by, he replies, arguing that “some TSRs are from the early 2000s”. In any case, the summer cancellations of racing – says Aggio – are certainly not new this year: “It happens every summer. And every season brings with it its own suppressions: now in the summer for the heat and for extraordinary maintenance (obviously the ordinary one is not enough or it was not done in time), in winter due to the frost plan and the lack of personnel“. Also for the group leader of the M5S at the Pirellone, Nicola Di Marco, the heat is just an excuse: “Already in the summer of 2019 Trenord, in a hearing in the commission, had come up with this fable to justify a series of suppressions, ensuring that countermeasures would be taken. But as soon as the service resumed at full capacity after the Covid period, the usual problems resurfaced “.

In these days also the train and metro manager of London informed passengers that delays and cancellations are possible due to extreme heat conditions of trains, advising them not to travel except for essential reasons. But for Di Marco the comparison doesn’t hold up: “Don’t come and talk to me about northern European cities that suddenly find themselves with African temperatures. In Lombardy we have long been used to having rather high summer temperatures. Summer comes every year, but for Trenord it seems to be a surprise. It is absurd to believe that they gave the reason for the heat to all commuters who are forced to endure inefficiencies, delays and cancellations every day “, says the councilor of the M5S, asking the regional councilor for transport Maria Giulia Terzi to remove the CEO Marco Piuri. The inconveniences of these days come after Monday the company announced that it had not respected in May for 14 out of 38 directions, in terms of delays and cancellations, the minimum standard of reliability provided for by the service contract, a situation that allows the owners of subscription to have one Discount. A figure that for the regional councilor of the Democratic Party Pietro Bussolati it is “the proven proof of the Trenord disaster. Not only the regional railway service is inadequate, but also the commissioner who deals with it ”.


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