Trevor Noah has been silenced … But that's not what you think – HuffPost


Trevor Noah, host of "The Daily Show," is known for being straightforward on many controversial issues, including President Donald Trump, racism and arms control. Tuesday evening, however, he was silenced.

During the show's table chat session, he sat down next to Roy Wood Jr. and did not say a word while his colleague talked about everything. But this was not a case of censorship. Noah was silent about the doctor's orders.

The South African native explained the situation in a tweet.

Over the weekend, Noah was a guest at the Global Citizen concert in Johannesburg, South Africa, which honored Nelson Mandela. Among those who performed there were Beyonce, Jay-Z and Ed Sheeran.

While in South Africa, Noah recorded some segments for "The Daily Show", including an interview with his grandmother, who lives in Soweto.

The fast journey – which had aspects of a sentimental journey – took its toll. And now Noah is 100% of voice rest.

Watch the video above to see how Noah and Wood turned to the post-election power of some Republicans.


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