Trial in León of a doctor accused of abusing a patient: "He asked me uncomfortable questions, rubbed me and put his fingers in my vagina"

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The doctor accused of sexually abusing an 18 year old patient During a consultation in October 2021, he denied this Monday that he committed these acts, during the trial that took place against him in the León Court, and has assured that the alleged victim is seeking compensation. compensation.

The accused, 63 years old, for whom the Prosecutor’s Office is requesting a sentence of nine years in prison, has denied during his statement before the court that he explored the young woman in the consultation as well as that he made inappropriate comments.

The complainant, for her part, has maintained her accusation and has stated that everything that happened in the consultation was “very strange” and that three days after the events occurred they decided to report them to the Civil Guard after making sure that the doctor’s actions It hadn’t been the right one.

The Prosecutor’s Office has made its provisional conclusions definitive and has maintained its request for nine years in prisondisqualification during the time of the sentence and the prohibition of approaching or residing at a distance of less than 500 meters from the victim.

In terms of civil liability, the public ministry considers that the defendant must compensate with 10,000 euros to the young woman for the damages suffered and that Sacyl must respond as subsidiary civil liability.

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