Tributes paid after the death of the Guardian journalist Simon Ricketts Average


Colleagues and friends paid homage to Guardian and Observer journalist Simon Ricketts, who died at the age of 48.

His partner, screenwriter Andrea Gibb, announced his death on Twitter in prime time. "I'm so sad to let you know that our beloved Simon died earlier today," he wrote.

"He endured a great deal in the last year, but it was Simon N Ricketts until the end, stubborn, funny, brave, kind and loving, he had the heart of a lion and we loved him so much."

Ricketts, who had previously worked at the Daily Mail, the Independent and the Watford Observer, had lived with cancer for several years.


I'm so sad to let you know that our beloved Simon died earlier today. He suffered a lot in the last year, but it was Simon N Ricketts until the end; stubborn, funny, brave, kind and loving. He had the heart of a lion and we loved him so much.

29 December 2018

In 2016, after revealing that the disease had become a limitation of life, he tweeted: "I consider myself lucky, I always have, I think of my life as a privilege.

"Although this is probably a shorter time on the planet than I was hoping for, I can not really feel too cheated, I can not really."

Katharine Viner, editor-in-chief of Guardian News & Media, said: "Simon was a wonderful guardian journalist whose warmth and wit found a wide and grateful audience on social media.

"He was an excellent, committed editor, and a fun and faithful colleague, he kept a fierce and gentle humanity in the face of great suffering, and he will be deeply lost to the Guardian."

The commentator and comedian Ayesha Hazarika tweeted a tribute to Ricketts on Saturday, linking him to a podcast that she called "wonderful and moving".

Ayesha Hazarika

RIP Simon Ricketts. I loved his words, wit and wisdom on Twitter. This podcast is wonderful and moving.

29 December 2018

BBC editor Amol Rajan said, "I wonder what he said and tweeted Simon Franklin, who died, on the UK trend [almost 2,000 tweets mentioned Ricketts’s name by 10pm on Saturday]? "

Rajan added: "Something instinctively intelligent, warm, humble and fun without a doubt, one of the great, and the best of the boys.The wisdom that has spread should be an education for all of us, just as he intended."

At the end of Saturday, Ricketts was trending on Twitter under the hashtag #BangingOut – a reference to the farewells traditionally given to British journalists who withdraw from the newspapers, of which he had written.

Guardian beauty journalist Sali Hughes tweeted: "The heart broken by Simon Ricketts: his good humor, his generosity and his grace in the face of inexorable personal injustice and uneasiness aroused great admiration.

"He was lovely, and a brilliant writer who changed the way I thought and thought about life, a horrible loss, but an extraordinary legacy.

"I think Simon was one of the first followers of many people on Twitter – it was all he was, and occasionally still, good and affirmative about this place – fun, warm, thoughtful, we could all be more like him."



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