Trignac. Elected officials ready to face the reconfinement

Faced with the new health emergency situation which triggered the second confinement, the elected officials of the municipal majority of Trignac and the association Ensemble act for Trignac which supports them, note that economic activity will be partly preserved. “At the cost of great efforts by the community and taking into account the first experience, schools, childcare, school catering will continue to operate. Trignac will be there thanks to all his agents. At these times we see the importance of all the trades that make a city run “, welcomes Claude Aufort, the mayor, aware however that confinement will affect social life.

“We are starting to cancel a number of activities in the field of culture, festivities, entertainment, sport. Parent-child events and parent-friendly meetings at the Espace Anne Sylvestre, as well as the cultural center’s documentary film month initiative, are now canceled. It is painful for all those who invest. We also understand the dismay and sadness of traders, the cultural sector, associations … We will do our best to support them with Carene, with Trignac. Our services will operate and elected officials will be in action as during the first confinement. In the meantime, let’s respect the preventive measures, let’s be careful and pay attention to others. Let’s stay in touch, don’t isolate ourselves ”, urges the mayor.


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