Triumphal debut with Picadores of Marco Pérez in Istres

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The young man Marco Perez, Just turned 16, he made his big debut today with picadors in the French city of Istres, where he cut off three ears and came out on his shoulders in a celebration that was also triumphant at the box office, with the “no tickets” sign up. .

It seems like a coincidence prepared by destiny that the same year he said goodbye to the arenas of The Juli, That child prodigy who dazzled the world in the 90s of the last century until he became a period bullfighter, another very young promise begins to take his first steps, now seriously, in the profession: the man from Salamanca Marco Perez.

And you can say that “seriously” because, although Pérez You already know what it’s like to open the Puerta Grande de Las Ventas and the Puerta del Príncipe in Seville, on both occasions in practical class mode, now is when the real thing begins, and not only because of the change from the short suit to the light suit, but also because from now on is when the fan will begin to measure him and demand of him another way.

Now he begins his path towards the supposed stardom that, due to his qualities, he seems destined to achieve. Time will tell, but today, in Istres, that 8-year-old bullfighter who went viral in a video uploaded to the networks in 2015 bullfighting a calf in Salamanca, has already become a full-fledged bullfighter with picadors. 2024 looks like it will bring a lot, a lot of fun.

Today’s afternoon in this city in the southeast of France was prepared down to the last detail, as has been the training of this young man from Salamanca at the hands of the Frenchman. John the baptist, a celebration of sorts, with four bulls for him alone, although at the last minute those of Garcigrande They could not travel to France due to health problems and had to be replaced by many others from the local iron of Gallon Brothers.

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