Tropical days ahead, National Heat Plan in force


NOS NewsWednesday, 08:21

As of today, the National Heat Plan applies throughout the Netherlands. With this, the health institute RIVM warns organizations and people who work in healthcare about the persistent heat, so that appropriate measures can be taken.

There is a good chance of a nationwide heat wave in the coming days. For that, it must be 25 degrees or more in De Bilt five days in a row, with peaks of 30 degrees or more on three of those days.

Persistent heat poses a particular risk to the health of the elderly, people in care institutions, the chronically ill and people who are overweight, the RIVM reports.

Pretty worrisome

But the institute emphasizes that when it is hot for a longer period of time and the temperature rises, people in good health can also suffer from overheating or heat exhaustion. Symptoms such as vomiting, muscle cramps and dizziness may occur.

These risks are often underestimated, the Red Cross reports on the basis of representative research among more than a thousand people. This shows that more than 80 percent think that the danger for themselves is not too bad.

The aid organization calls the results of the study “quite a bit worrisome”. The Red Cross therefore gives tips to prevent overheating by, for example, paying attention to the elderly and watching out for sports.

Chance of heat wave

Road users are urged to bring water and an umbrella. The umbrella can provide protection from the sun in the event of a breakdown. The heat protocol applies during the hottest period of the day, which is from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Heat Plan is likely to remain in effect until after the weekend.

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