Trot prodigy Kim Tae-yeon, how much is the cost of appearing? “I will build an apartment in Gangnam”

Screen capture of BS2TV’s entertainment program ‘Capitalism School’ © News 1

Everyone admired Kim Tae-yeon’s confession of a different economic goal than her peers.

11-year-old ‘trot prodigy’ Kim Tae-yeon appeared on KBS2TV’s entertainment program ‘Capitalism School’, which was broadcast on the 26th.

On this day, Hyun Joo-yeop and Hyun-young asked Kim Tae-yeon, who had earned income through performances since she was 4 years old, “Do you have any other economic goals?”

Kim Tae-yeon’s mother told the cast about her daughter’s huge fee, and Kim did not know exactly how much she earned.

Taeyeon Kim also said, “I have very big goals,” and said, “I will build an apartment in Gangnam. Then people will come to the apartment. Then I want to save the money and open a department store.”

Hyun-young, surprised by Kim Tae-yeon’s big aspirations, exclaimed, “It’s a big hand. Isn’t it a company if it’s a department store?”

In addition, Kim Tae-yeon said, “And now my mother is riding a carnival because of me. But if I earn some money, my mother will let me drive a Benz.”

He said, “I want to see my father wear a suit and drive a car like a Lamborghini, Porsche, or Bentley,” he said, making everyone surprised by another goal.

In response to Kim Tae-hyun’s big goal, Hyun Joo-yeop said, “I want to adopt.

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