trouble will come for everyone, get ready

Astrologers have named the three most difficult days in the first month of the summer of 2023. At this time, it is better for people not to leave the house once again, not to communicate with persons of a dubious plan, not to take serious actions, not to make plans for the future.

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Mercury will conjunct Uranus on June 4th. This is the most difficult time for people who work, you can commit rash acts and make trouble. Financial errors are also possible.

On June 17, the retro phase of Saturn will begin. Toxicity will increase, betrayals, betrayals, breakdowns and conflicts in relationships are likely.

On June 30, Neptune’s retrograde phase begins. People will feel overwhelmed, the mood will change constantly, the nerves will reach the limit. Problems seem to come out of nowhere.


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2023-05-23 05:36:45

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