Trudeau promises to increase the security of old age, the benefits of CPP if re-elected


FREDERICTON – Justin Trudeau promises to do more to increase the incomes of the elderly, widows and widowers.

He says a re-elected liberal government would increase the security of old age by a further 10% once a senior turns 75 and will increase the benefits for survivors of the Canada Pension Plan by 25%.

Trudeau made the announcement in a bowling club in Fredericton, a ride that liberals picked up in 2015 as part of their sweep in the Atlantic provinces.

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While liberals – and other parties – have targeted young families in the early stages of this campaign, voters over the age of 65 are often the ones who show up most reliably at the polls.

"Our parents worked so hard and sacrificed so much to give us a good life," said Trudeau.

"Once they retire they shouldn't worry that their savings run out."

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Survivor benefits would see a $ 2,080 increase, while OAS increases mean $ 729 more for seniors each year. It would take effect in July 2020 and would be indexed to keep up with inflation.

Liberals say the OSA increase will cost $ 1.63 billion by 2020-21, rising to $ 2.56 billion in 2023-24.

Trudeau spends most of the day in New Brunswick before moving to Nova Scotia for an election event this evening.

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