Trump accuses the Democratic Congress of coming to the island to "celebrate" the federal closure


Washington – President Donald Trump He accused the Democrats today in Congress that they went to Puerto Rico to attend the musical Hamilton and have official meetings related to the reconstruction of the island, after going to San Juan "perhaps to celebrate" the partial closure of the federal government.

At a time when the federal partial closure came on its 24th day and a recent poll mainly blames it for creating that crisis, Trump renewed his political attacks against congressional Democrats who ruled out the need to spend $ 5.7 billion on building parts of a wall on the Mexican border.

More than 30 congressional Democrats were this weekend in San Juan, where on Saturday they held a round table with the island authorities, including the governor Ricardo Rossellóand the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz.

Some of them also had meetings with the Washington-based commissioner, Jenniffer González, who is a Republican like Trump.

On Sunday, a group of Congressmen went to see the musical Hamilton.

Before leaving for an event in Louisiana, Trump said this morning that he knows that the Democrats of Congress were on the island and felt that "perhaps" was "celebrating" the partial closure of the federal government. Today, the entire federal government is officially closed in Washington DC, due to a 10-inch snowstorm that has fallen this weekend.

Over the weekend, US President of the Republican Party, Ronna Romney McDaniel, also published a tweet in which he claimed that while Trump "is in DC Working to resolve the partial closure of the federal government and guarantee our borders, the Democrats they are on the beach and they hold parties with lobbyists ".

McDaniel referred to an article by conservative Washington Examiner saying that together with members of the Democratic Congress, dozens of lobbyists went to the island. It was also circulated a photo of Democratic senator Robert Menéndez (New Jersey), who met this weekend with Governor Rosselló on the beach.

As part of its activity in San Juan, sponsored by the BOLD Pac Political Action Committee of the Hispanic Congress of Congress, Democratic MPs have received complaints Saturday from the island authorities, the Fiscal Supervisory Board responsible for public finances and trade unions, around the island's recovery efforts and the control exercised by the federal tax entity.

President Trump concluded last week – suddenly – the latest attempt to negotiate with congressional leaders to end the partial federal closure, which has about 800,000 workers, including about 4,500 in Puerto Rico, without collecting their salaries, and limited the services of the United States government.

On the other hand, Trump refused to comment on the expressions in which the Puerto Rican MP Ocasio Cortez accused him of being a racist. "There is no doubt," said Ocasio Cortez a recent application for CBS's "60 minutes" program, on the fact that he considered the president of the United States. He is a racist.

This morning, on CNN, Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares, in the meantime, condemned the plans according to which the Trump government had to use the funds allocated to cope with recent natural disasters, such as the impact of the hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, as a source of financing for the construction of the wall.



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