Business Trump administration seems unhappy with Oracle's deal with TikTok...

Trump administration seems unhappy with Oracle’s deal with TikTok – IT Pro – News

I think the -1 is because Rough ER makes it look like that’s what tiktok is all about. It may be things that can also be found on tiktok. But it’s not that that’s all that’s done on Tiktok, nor as if it doesn’t happen on other platforms. He gives a very one-sided view to put tiktok in a certain frame, then I think a -1 is correct because that is just trolling or baiting.

I tried Tiktok, didn’t like it and deleted it (adds nothing compared to instagram, and the number of friends on it is not that large). But I cannot recognize myself at all in what Ruw ER mentions here, although I believe it will be found if you look for it in a focused way.

To describe Tiktok from my short experience: It is a social media platform where you share short videos with friends. You can make those videos public, or only show them to people you have accepted as friends). In addition, there are trending hashtags, there is a search function for public posts, and there are so-called ‘challenges’ where you are challenged to make certain videos (often something like a lip sync with a trending song).

Not very different from instagram. The main difference is that the focus is on short films with Tiktok, while that focus is on photos with Instagram.

So you mainly see what your friends post, or other people you consciously follow. You can probably find what Rough calls ER if you search for it and follow people who do this and / or young girls with public videos, but that’s not exactly the purpose of the app.


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