Trump announces the departure of John Kelly, Secretary General of the White House


Donald Trump announced on Saturday the departure of his closest adviser, White House Secretary-General John Kelly, adding a new twist to his team in a context troubled by the Russian investigation and prior to the election of 2020.

"John Kelly will leave at the end of the year," Donald Trump told reporters at the White House, saying the name of his successor would be announced "in a day or two".

And Donald Trump to specify that he could appoint a substitute substitute while he was waiting to find a permanent successor.

The chief of staff, Secretary General of the White House, is a key figure in the US Presidency. He is the right-hand man of the president and the coordinator of the administration.

"He's a great boy," said the 45th President of the United States about John Kelly, saying that he "enjoyed his services".

The questions about John Kelly's imminent departure had become more pressing in recent days, the US media insisting on the deterioration of relations between the two men. Some even claimed to have come to stop talking to each other.

Prior to becoming Donald Trump's senior adviser at the White House in July 2017, retired general Kelly retired as an internal security minister for the first six months of the presidency.

There, like Donald Trump, he defended an extremely firm view of US immigration policy.

He arrived at the White House a few months after Trump's dismissal of the director of the FBI and the appointment of special prosecutor Robert Mueller to oversee the investigation of suspicions of collusion between the tycoon's campaign team. real estate and Moscow.

His mission was to restore order in a chaotic and often confused White House, characterized by the president's instinctive and unpredictable reactions.

– Many appointments –

The announcement of the departure of John Kelly, 68, follows less than 24 hours the announcement of two new appointments.

Donald Trump decided Friday to entrust the justice ministry to William Barr, a respected republican lawyer, a portfolio of great importance as it falls under the supervision of the Russian investigation of the Mueller public prosecutor. He also appointed State Department spokesman Heather Nauert as US Ambassador to the UN in place of Nikki Haley.

The first half of the Trump Presidency was marked by great instability in the key positions of councilors or ministers. But with the departure of John Kelly, shows the willingness to address the second part of his term with a renewed team.

The United States will pass at the beginning of next year in a pre-election period before the 2020 elections.

Donald Trump has already announced that he will look for a second term, while many contenders democrats handcuff their weapons before primary elections that must designate whoever challenges him.

For the Republican billionaire, these first fruits of the campaign will take place under the menacing shadow of the investigations of the prosecutor Mueller. He released new elements of the case on Friday, revealing the contacts between the relatives of the candidate Trump in 2015 and the Russian intermediaries.

These contacts have not been successful, and nothing to date can establish a collusion between Moscow and the Republican candidate's team, he became president in 2016.

To replace John Kelly, the US media relentlessly refer to the name of Nick Ayers, current head of vice president Mike Pence's staff. He is a young 36-year-old Republican strategist with a profile radically different from John Kelly.


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