Trump appeals to the Supreme Court in the dispute over tax returns

Supreme US Court of Justice

Trump has turned to the Supreme Court in the dispute over the publication of his tax returns.

(Photo: AP)

Washington In the dispute over the secrecy of his finances, US President Donald Trump calls the Supreme Court to call. The documents were filed with the Supreme Court, said Jay Sekulow, one of Trump's lawyers, on Thursday. Trump fights against the ruling of a New York court on 4 November, according to which he has to hand over tax returns of several years to the investigative authorities.

The documents had been requested by the New York prosecutor Cyrus Vance. He investigates possible irregularities in the business of Republican Trump, who built a real estate empire before his time as president. Sekulow said the verdict violated the constitution. Trump's lawyers had repeatedly argued in the matter of immunity that there could be no criminal proceedings against the president during his term of office.

The investigation is also about alleged levies on a porn actress and a former Playboy model, who had a relationship with Trump according to their information. Trump denies that. If the Supreme Court rejects its appeal, Trump's tax consultancy firm must hand over the requested documents. If the Supreme Court accepts the appeal, it may postpone its final decision until after the November 2020 presidential election. In the Supreme Court, conservative judges have a majority. Two of them were appointed by Trump himself.

Trump has never published his tax returns so far, which gives his critics the suspicion that he has something to hide. Normally, US presidential candidates publish their tax returns during the election campaign. Democrats in the US House of Representatives have also been trying for months to force Trump to hand over his tax returns.

In addition, the President is threatened with impeachment. The background is the Ukraine affair, in which Trump has rejected any wrongdoing.

More: US court clarifies: Deutsche Bank not in possession of Trump's tax return. However, the house bank of the president and his family has tax documents of family members.

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