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Trump approved the speech by attorney general Barr on the Muller report

US President Donald Trump supported the attorney general and justice minister William Barr, who was sharply criticized by senators at congressional hearings on the so-called "Russian case" in which Barr was tried in conflict with the special prosecutor Robert Muller.

The president of the United States, in an interview with Fox Business Network, stated that Barr "behaved extraordinarily well". He also noted that members of the US Democratic Party treat the head of the department with unfair treatment.

The prosecutor who appointed Robert Müller resigned

"He did a fantastic job today, as I was told. I was able to see something. All this is solid false, the whole story with Russia. No collusion and no obstacle to justice," said Trump.

According to the White House owner, the three senators who demanded Bar's resignation during the hearings "were indignant and delirious as madmen". After a Senate speech, Barr refused to speak to the House of Representatives, scheduled for Thursday.

Trump suspected that the treason and fabrication Democrats referred to Muller

Previously, the Washington Post learned of Muller's dissatisfaction with how Attorney General Barr presented the key findings of his report on the results of an investigation into Russia's possible interference in the 2016 US presidential election to the public .

Robert Muller has been working to investigate possible Russian interference in the US elections since mid-2017. In this year's March he sent the final report to the US authorities.

Peskov called Muller's report a waste of tax payers' money

A modified version of the Müller report was published on 18 April. William Barr stated that there was no evidence that any of the American citizens coordinated their activities with Russia. Barr noted that the investigation did not establish the fact of the collusion of the Trump campaign staff with Russia or their cooperation. However, the report suggests that Moscow tried to intervene in the 2016 presidential elections.

Muller's report predicted the fate of the bestseller

The intelligence agencies conducted an investigation into the possible interference of Russia in the elections starting from January 2017. An alternative investigation was also conducted by the intelligence committee of the House of Representatives.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the results of the commission predictable and said that Moscow was not involved in the intervention. Donald Trump also rejected his connection with the Kremlin, commenting on the results of the investigation.



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