Trump arrives with his children at the New York court where he will be tried for fraud

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The former American president Donald Trump arrived at the New York court this Monday where the civil trial against him for fraud that continued for years in the Trump Organization begins, a case promoted by the New York State Prosecutor’s Office, amid a strong security device.

Trump warned that he would attend in person for oral arguments with the aim of clearing his name and reputation, but he was not seen entering the steps in front of which the press was stationed, in a fenced Foley Square square full of police, press, and protesters against him, since He did it through a side entrance.

The former president entered the State Supreme Court and his sons Eric, Donald Jr. and other partners accused of inflating the value of the company’s assets to obtain economic advantages have also agreed with him.

Inside, Trump told the media that it is a “continuation of the witch hunt” against him, considered the case a hoax and reaffirmed the validity of his financial statements under scrutiny and the value of his properties.

Furthermore, and following a line of argument repeated for months, he alluded to alleged intentions to influence the next elections. -in which he starts as the Republican favorite-: “This has to do with electoral interference, pure and simple. They are trying to harm me so that I don’t do as well as I am doing in this election (next year).”

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