Trump assigns additional law enforcement personnel to the troubled city of Wisconsin

“We will not suffer robbery, arson and arbitrariness on the streets of America,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

“Today I will send federal service law enforcement officers and the National Guard to Keno in Wisconsin to restore law and order!”

Trump made the statement after talks with Wisconsin Governor Tony Yevers, who had announced the day before that he was authorizing an increase in National Guard support for the Kenosha area to 250 troops.

Two people were shot dead on Tuesday night as anti-racism protests escalated into violence, police said.

The Clash of Clash occurred on the third night in a row. They were originally triggered by a video of 29-year-old African-American Jacob Blake being shot in the back several times on Sunday.

Blake was about to get in the car with his three children when he was shot. The policeman who shot him was white.

Hundreds of people took part in protests during clashes between various groups on Tuesday night.

The New York Times reports that police are investigating whether the night shooting was caused by a conflict between protesters and a group of self-proclaimed policemen who protected a gas station.

There were also clashes between demonstrators and police during the protests.

A journalist for the AFP news agency noted that several civilians were armed and that a significant police presence was felt only at the courthouse.

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