Trump back up to the elections. Six staff members have tested positive for the new coronavirus – the Observer

At a time when the United States of America will continue to suffer from a high number of infections by the Covid-19 and the face of a wave of protests antirracistas after the death of George Band, the american president has chosen Tulsa, Okla., to the stage for the return of the president in the fight for his re-election. And there are now six infections among the staff, in preparation for the event.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the pressure of events and the schedule for the last few weeks, anti-racism, Trump’s chosen is still a city marked by the ravages of the Ku Klux Klan in 1921. The black community at that time lived in Tulsa in the early to mid-20th century, it was attacked, being dead, about 300 people, hundreds were injured and about 8 million displaced. It will be nearly impossible to Trump a work around to the issue of racism in the world today.

For the moment, before that, the Trump gets to the stage for his keynote speech, pictures show a hundred of us together, without any of the distancing of the social, and the most part without the use of a mask. They all had to sign a waiver of liability to sign up. “When I press the record button at the bottom, you take the risk of being exposed to the covid-19 out of every public place where other people are present. To participate in this meeting, you and the other guests present, to assume all of the risks that are associated with the covid-19, “ it read on the page of the show.

This gathering will be a cocktail party for the propagation of the Covid-19? In the next few days will tell. It is certain that the the six elements that are involved in the assembly of a member has tested positive for the Covid during the testing routine.

The six members of the team tested positive in hundreds of tests, and quarantine procedures were immediately implemented,” said a spokesman for the campaign, Tim Murtaugh, quoted in TheNew York Times best seller list.Murtaugh said that “any staff member who tested positive or to any person with whom he has had direct contact will be on the show” this evening, or in the vicinity of any participant or employee.

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The participants of the rally, shall be subject to the controls of the temperature, and, after passing through the security will receive “wrist bands, face masks and hand sanitizer to their hands.” However, the pictures on the site show that the vast majority of the participants did not use any mask, and which are agglomerates of a number of people.

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