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Trump calculates that the United States will have the coronavirus vaccine ready “at the end of the year” | Society

President Donald Trump, during an interview on Fox News this Sunday.Evan Vucci / AP

Donald Trump estimated this Sunday night that the covid-19 vaccine, which has claimed the lives of almost 250,000 people worldwide in just four months, will be ready “by the end of the year.” Vaccine development usually takes between a year and a year and a half, at best, scientists have warned since this crisis began. However, the extraordinary nature of the pandemic, which has unleashed a formidable global economic and humanitarian crisis, is concentrating so many efforts that epidemiologist Anthony Fauci, a key advisor to the White House task force, has seen it feasible by early 2021. Trump has advanced him even further. “The doctors will say ‘You shouldn’t say that,’ I will say what I think. And I think we will have it sooner rather than later, ”he said, in his usual light tone.

Trump made this calculation at the foot of the gigantic statue of Abraham Lincoln from Washington, a holy place in American history, which pays tribute to the president who ended slavery, where he held a virtual meeting with voters organized by the Fox television network, the republican’s header medium. The president, who was responding to questions that citizens from all over the country had sent by video, was very optimistic about the future of the vaccine about the effects of the experimental drug remdesivir for patients with the virus, which he described as a “factor of change ”in this pandemic. “I think we will have the vaccine by the end of the year,” he said, “we are trying very hard.” “If you look at what Johnson & Johnson is doing,” he continued, “and many companies, I think they are very close,” he added.

Trump also noted that the FDA, an acronym for the Federal Medicines Agency, “is doing things that have not been done before” such as the express approval of the remdesivir developed by the pharmaceutical company Gilead. In reality, there are no complete data on the efficacy and safety of this product, but the public health emergency situation declared by the Government allows the use of certain medicines to be authorized, since there is no alternative, although it does not have the formal approval of the body. . “It is a 30% step that will later be 50%, it is the same thing that happened with AIDS, first it was a death sentence, but then they found something,” said the president.

The Republican has stopped offering daily press conferences on the coronavirus crisis, from the stupor generated by his suggestion of using disinfectant to fight the virus, but has replaced those appearances of more than an hour, marked by the tone of the electoral campaign , for other television appearances, such as the one held this Sunday. The staging, a place of as much institutional respect as the Lincoln Memorial, sparked many criticisms, which Trump responded by attributing the election to the Fox network: “I said it would be fine, but I think it was his choice.”

Trump defended his management of this crisis, despite denying its severity until almost mid-March, insisting that his decision to veto Chinese travelers from January 31 saved thousands of lives. Still, it raised the prediction of deaths to occur across the country as a result of the pandemic. “Before he said that it would be 65,000, now I say 80 or 90,000,” he said. Questioned by his comments that the balance was “a historical success,” he admitted that “it cannot be called success”, but that, in any case, “it is better than the “million or two million there would have been”.

Covid-19 has already caused almost 70,000 deaths in the United States, with more than a million confirmed infections, but some States have already started reopening economic activity, such as Georgia, South Carolina or Tennessee. Others, like Florida, begin to ease restrictions this week. Meanwhile, the protests of conservative states groups that continue with the confinement measures are reproduced, such as California, Illinois or Michigan. The slowdown in the spread of contagion and the exhaustion of confinement put pressure on the governors to accelerate the return to normality, despite the misgivings of experts. As icing on the cake, the summer time of this Saturday that crowded the parks of cities like New York or the American capital.

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