Trump continues the day after the medium-term election campaign against critical media


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The CNN journalist loses accreditation after the dispute with Trump

Following a scandal at the US President Donald Trump's press conference, the White House has withdrawn accreditation from CNN journalist Jim Acosta. Trump had fought a concrete dispute with Acosta on the open stage.

The White House withdraws CNN journalists after the wording has been accredited

thereThe day after the election of the Congress, US President Donald Trump brought his furious attacks on the critical media to the extreme: in a press conference on Wednesday, Trump immediately addressed several journalists and tried to silence them. Subsequently, the White House deprived the well-known CNN journalist Jim Acosta of the accreditation, which Trump defamed as "enemy of the people". The station has spoken of a "threat to our democracy", protesters' associations protested.

The Acosta press paper for the White House has been suspended until further notice, said Trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. He accused Acosta after his heartfelt speech to the president before an "absolutely unacceptable" behavior.

Trump believes in a free press and welcomes "difficult questions," said Sanders. "But we will never tolerate a reporter who touches a young woman who just wanted to do her White House job" – a misleading reference to when Acosta refused to leave the microphone and folded her arms. ,

"Sanders is lying," CNN replied in a statement. The withdrawal of accreditation was a "measure of retaliation" due to persistent questions from the journalist. The process is "a threat to our democracy".

The unprecedented clash in the White House came when Acosta Trump questioned her verbal attacks on the Central American refugees who are now thousands traveling to the United States. When the journalist asked him if he deliberately "demonized" refugee treks in the election campaign, Trump initially reacted evasively.

When Acosta followed, saying that the migrants were barely talking about an "invasion", the president's collar fell. "Frankly, you should let me drive the country, you run CNN, and if you were good, the ratings would be higher," the journalist snapped.

When Trump asked another question, Trump interrupted him and said repeatedly, "That's enough." The intern asked Acosta to get the microphone, but the journalist turned, took the microphone and asked Trump a question about Russia's investigation.

Trump replied briefly, and then continued to insult Acosta: CNN must be ashamed to have him as a collaborator. "You're an outrageous and terrible person, you should not work for CNN." Shortly thereafter, the president called Acosta because of the alleged propagation of "false news" by CNN also as "enemy of the people".

During the White House press conference, Trump was definitely angry. He complained about the "hostile" mood in the room. NBC journalist Peter Alexander also freed himself when he defended Acosta as a "conscientious journalist". "I'm not a fan of you," shouted Trump. The African-American correspondent Yamiche Alcindor accused him of having offended him with a "racist question".

The International Federation of Journalists denounced the "verbal violence" of Thursday against journalists. The action against Acosta at the press conference was "unacceptable".

Even the White House correspondents were outraged. The withdrawal of Acosta's accreditation was "disproportionate" and must be canceled.

The president of the United States critically attacks the media critically, accusing them of spreading "false news". He repeatedly denounces them as "enemies of the people".



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