Trump critic: Rapinoe posters smeared with insults


PThe lates with the image of the American football world champion Megan Rapinoe have been smeared in a New York subway station with insults. It is determined because of possible hate crime, the police said on Wednesday (local time). The smeared posters were already discovered on Monday in the station Bryant Park in the district of Manhattan and have since been cleaned.

According to a CNN report, the posters also contained homophobic insults. Rapinoe, who was voted best player at Sunday's World Cup in France, is a lesbian and champion of LGBTQ rights. LGBTQ stands for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and queer people. The 34-year-old is also a critic of US President Donald Trump.

The footballers of the United States had celebrated their World Cup triumph on Wednesday with a parade in New York. “We have to love more, hate less. Listen more, talk less. That's our responsibility. Our responsibility to make the world a better place, “Rapinoe had said. She had once again stressed that she did not want to follow an invitation from the President to the White House. This would also see the teammates with whom she talked.

She also renewed her criticism of Trump's slogan “Make America Great Again”, with which he had advertised his choice in 2016. “I would say that your message excludes me. You exclude me, you exclude people who look like me. You also exclude colored people, “said Rapinoe.

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