Trump expresses interest in buying Greenland for the United States


He made most of his fortune in ownership – and now Donald Trump is apparently looking for a new piece of property.

According to Wall Street newspaper, the president of the United States has "repeatedly expressed interest" in triggering Greenland.

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Reportedly, the largest island in the world – which is also an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark – has attracted the attention of Trump thanks to its natural resources and its strategic position.

A source also claimed that Trump was interested in the acquisition of Greenland, which lies between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, as he would add to his legacy once his presidency ended.

The publication quoted several anonymous sources who claimed that the President had raised the idea of ​​buying the territory "with varying degrees of seriousness" on numerous occasions.

"In meetings, dinners and passing conversations, Trump asked consultants if the United States can acquire Greenland, listened to with interest when discussing its abundant resources and geopolitical importance and, according to two people, asked its consultant to White House to examine the idea ", the Wall Street newspaper relationships.

The sources also claim that some consultants from the White House seem to support the plan because of the economic benefits it could bring, but others "rejected it as a fleeting charm that can never be realized".

"The few current and former officials of the White House who had heard about the notion described it with a mix of anticipation and apprehension as no one knows to what extent the president could push the idea", reports the Wall Street Journal.

It is not known if such an ambitious strategy is possible or how serious Mr Trump's plan is.

Greenland is largely covered in ice and has a population of just over 56,000, with about 17,000 living in the capital of Nuuk.

It has its own government that makes most of its internal decisions, although Denmark has foreign and security issues.

The natural resources of Greenland potentially include zinc, lead, gold, iron ore, copper and oil and also holds an important geopolitical importance.

According to Forbes, the United States has a long history with Greenland after having unsuccessfully tried twice to buy it from Denmark, first in 1867 and then in 1946.

The United States and Denmark have a defense treaty that allows the United States access to an important air base north of the Arctic Circle.

The statements have caused speculation that the United States could increase their military presence in the region or conduct scientific research in the area.

The news made headlines all over the world and caused a stir on social media, with many Twitter users taking the opportunity to joke at Mr. Trump's expense.

The news comes just weeks before the President's first visit to Denmark.



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