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Prince Charles Spent most of an hour and a half trying to convince Donald Trump that the climate crisis was real, but the president was not sold.

Trump dismissed the warming climate as a "climate change" and blamed other countries on a Wednesday interview with "Good Morning Britain".

Pressed by the host Piers Morgan if he personally believes that climate change is real, Trump said: "I believe there is a change in the climate and I think it will change in both directions."

Good morning Great Britain

Does the president of the United States believe in climate change?

Trump says he discussed climate change with Prince Charles, who he believes is "a very good person" who "wants to have a world that is good for future generations".

June 5, 2019

Trump, who in the past had called climate change a "Chinese joke", met for 90 minutes this week with Charles, the Prince of Wales, who made the climate crisis a decisive problem.

"We would have had a 15 minute chat, and it turned out to be an hour and a half, and he talked a lot," Trump said. "He wants to make sure that future generations have a good climate, as opposed to a disaster, and I agree. I mentioned a couple of things: I said, well, the United States is among the cleanest climates right now that there are, on the basis of all the statistics, and they are even improved, because they are of agreement. I want the best water, the cleanest water, the clean and crystalline air. "

Trump withdrew the United States from its commitments to reduce emissions in the Paris climate agreement and withdrew a series of environmental regulations.

Morgan invited him to say that he accepts the fundamental reality that the planet is overheating.

"What people want to hear from you about climate change is that you understand that almost all the scientists who deal with it are convinced that climate change is a real and present danger, and if we don't face it now … then we'll" in serious trouble. Do you accept it? "He asked for the guest.

Trump would not go there, instead he would call other countries for polluted air. "Well, you know, you just said – China, India, Russia, many other nations, do not have a very good air, not a very good water," he said. "If you go to certain cities, you can't even breathe."

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