Trump finds the army of the "very offensive" EU


Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump on September 24th 2018 in New York.(Photo: imago / ZUMA Press)

Friday, November 9th 2018

To kick off a funeral service in France, Donald Trump wedged his host, President Macron. His idea of ​​a common army of all EU states is not suitable for the president of the United States.

Shortly after his arrival in France, US President Donald Trump strongly condemned recent requests by French President Emmanuel Macron for the creation of his European army. "French President Macron has just proposed that Europe build its armed forces to protect itself from the United States, China and Russia," Trump wrote on Twitter.

"Very offensive, but maybe Europe should first pay its fair share of the cost of NATO, which heavily subsidizes the United States," added the US president, who landed at Orly Airport in Paris with his wife Melania. Trump traveled to France to commemorate the end of the First World War a hundred years ago.

A few days ago, Macron stated in a radio interview that without a "real European army" the Europeans could not defend themselves. In view of "Russia, which is on our borders and could become a threat", Europeans should "not rely on the United States alone". The French head of state justified his request by warning against "the authoritarian powers that are increasing and arming on the borders of Europe". Europe must defend itself "with regard to China, Russia and even the United States", he declared to Europe 1.

The federal government reacts restrictively

Macron also criticized the announced withdrawal of Trump from the INF treaty treaty with Russia as a "threat" whose "main victim" was Europe.

Already last year the French president proposed to create a "common intervention force" for crisis missions in Europe by 2020. He also proposed a common defense budget and a common military concept. The federal government and the European Commission have reacted with caution to the French president's initiative.




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