Trump goes against China's telecom giant Huawei


AMerika's President Donald Trump has given his government a comprehensive decree to crack down on foreign telecom companies. The US government will do everything to “protect America from foreign enemies,” said Trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

The White House said on Wednesday that the measure was not directed against a specific country or company. But it is believed that Trump wants to meet with China and the company Huawei there – especially since the United States is currently fiercely engaged in a trade dispute with the People's Republic.

Huawei, one of the largest telecommunications equipment providers in the world, has long been suspected by the US authorities of using its corporate espionage activities for China. The company has little presence in the US market, but is a leading provider of fifth-generation (5G) infrastructure technology, designed to deliver significantly faster data transfer rates.

In the United States, Germany and other countries, the Chinese have come under pressure for security concerns surrounding data networks. Some security experts demand that Huawei be completely excluded from the expansion of the new 5G mobile network in Germany. The Federal Government does not endorse the general exclusion of Huawei and other suppliers from China, but relies on a diversification of orders among different providers.

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