Trump has failed the harassment lawsuit, an incredible amount is being ironed out of him

The New York court ruling in his case did not convict Donald Trump of sexual assault, but the former US president

must pay a woman a total of $5 million in damages for defamation and tort in a 1996 harassment case.

The jury of the court hearing the civil litigation in New York made a decision in a few hours, with which did not convict Trump of rape, but at the same time found the claim of the plaintiff, E. Jean Carroll, based on harassment, sexual abuse and defamation.

Compared to the fact that Trump has no idea about the victim, he has a pretty serious lawsuit hanging around his neck

In a message posted on social media after the verdict was announced, Donald Trump wrote that he had no idea who the woman who sued him was and called the verdict a disgrace, which he said was part of what was going on against him, “the greatest witch hunt of all time”. Before that, he announced that he would definitely appeal against the sentence, because he was not given the opportunity to defend himself.

During the three-week trial of the case, Donald Trump did not appear in person at the court and, refusing the judge’s summons, did not testify. His defense attorney, Joe Tacopina, argued that the former president’s testimony made no sense, as the plaintiff could not recall the details of the incident in his claim.

Donald Trump interrupted his golf outing to drop by for a rape hearing

Donald Trump confused E Jean Carroll – who is suing him for sexual assault – with his ex-wife Marla Maples in testimony given to jurors at his trial. Read more>>>>

In his testimony last October, the former president a

the most ridiculous and disgusting fictional story

called the charge.

E. Jean Carroll in the 2019 lawsuit

she claimed that in 1996 in the fitting room of a luxury department store across the street from the Trump Tower in New York, her time with Donald Trump turned violent and that the then-businessman raped her.

The woman could not recall the exact time of the incident in her testimony in court.

In addition to E. Jean Carroll, two of her girlfriends spoke as witnesses, who said that Carroll told them about her meeting with Donald Trump at the time.

They spared handcuffs, but the detained Donald Trump cannot expect special treatment

As expected, he also pleaded not guilty to the 34 charges brought against him before the Manhattan Criminal Court. The former president refers to a surreal political witch hunt, but according to his lawyer, the case infuriates and motivates him at the same time, so they “join the fight”. Read more>>>

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