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In Iowa, an agricultural state of just over three million inhabitants, the great Democratic battle begins from February 3 to become the candidate of the party that confronts Donald Trump in the November presidential elections. These first caucus (elective assemblies) result from a huge symbolic burden – and more than a symbolic one – because a bad result in them frightens donors and can end a campaign; because a victory in them gives momentum for the next one and, also, because the press covers them as if the world is ending and they are a shop window like no other. So all applicants turn these days to kick that piece of America to scratch votes.

Everybody? No. It turns out that two of the first in Liza (Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren) are senators and, therefore, members of the jury of the impeachment to Donald Trump and, while his rivals rush the days based on acts and door-to-door greetings – that’s how they win caucus from Iowa-, they spend a minimum of eight hours locked up daily, unable to use their cell phones, talk to the one next door or drink anything other than milk or water. Thus, from Monday to Sunday from one in the afternoon, until the last impeachment to the president.

“Listen, listen, listen! All people are ordered to remain silent, under penalty of imprisonment, ”with this warning the day begins in the Senate. Warren, a senator from Massachusetts, arrives in the room this Thursday at the last moment and takes a very serious seat; Sanders of Vermont, already in his seat, listens with his chin resting on his fist; two rows back has Michael Bennet, from Colorado, who purses his lips with his hands folded and then starts looking at papers; Amy Klobuchar, a legislator for Minnesota, does the same and takes notes. They have all day ahead.

A week and a half from the appointment, the race is very tight and every day, every handshake, selfi or speech with voters in the sports center of any remote town counts. For Klobuchar and Bennet, with support rates below 10%, things are already difficult, but for Sanders and Warren they have just lost golden days. According to the average of surveys conducted by Real Clear Politics, Biden remains the leader with 21%, followed by a very close trio: Sanders (17.3%), Warren (16.7%) and Buttigieg (16.3 %), so the young ex-mayor of South Bend (Indiana), one of the great surprises of this primary campaign, has a few days of gold to give an acceleration to the second and third in discord. And Biden can look for the final blow that consolidates his head.

Warren and Sanders have had to cancel multiple acts, but have sought substitutes. The Vermont senator has a luxury bullet, the famous congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the sensation of politics, the young sensation of the new American Congress, which turns everything he touches into media gold. She will take the place of the veteran leftist in the events they had scheduled in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Ames between Friday and Saturday.

The Massachusetts senator is kicking the Julian Castro territory, was also a candidate and retired from the race earlier this month. He and his twin brother, Congressman Joaquin Castro, will participate between Thursday and Friday over seven campaign events in Iowa and Nevada.

In addition to the disruption of the agenda, there is a more relevant underlying issue: can impartial jurors, as promised in their oath on the first day of trial, politicians seeking to fight at the polls with the accused? In ordinary justice, the defense attorney would ask that the four be challenged, but a impeachment It is an extraordinary procedure and the senator himself responsible for designing the rules of the process game has already warned that he does not intend to be independent. That was Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republicans in the upper house, who last December already warned that he was “coordinating” the procedure with the White House. “I am not an impartial jury. This is a political process, ”he dispatched.

Depending on the length of the trial, whether or not witnesses are called to testify, the process could go on until the second appointment of the Democratic race, the New Hampshire primary, on February 11. Chuck Schumer, leader of the Democrats in the Senate, already warned in December, “Presenting yourself as a senator has its advantages, but also its advantages.” On Saturday night and Sunday, only spaces free of judgment, can be compensated.



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