Trump is said to have terminated nuclear deal with Iran over Barack Obama

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In May 2018, the US president terminated the nuclear agreement with Iran.

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LondonUS President Donald Trump is said to have renounced the nuclear deal with Iran only because his predecessor Barack Obama had negotiated this. Kim Darroch, former British Ambassador to Washington, said in a memo from the the "Mail on Sunday" cited.

The report said that Darroch wrote to the British government in May 2018 that Trump had renounced the international nuclear agreement with Iran for personal reasons, as it was negotiated by Obama. The Trump government relies on "diplomatic vandalism".

As a result, when Boris Johnson was still British Foreign Minister, he tried in vain to prevent Trump from abandoning the atomic deal. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo also showed signs that he disapproved of Trump's position. Darroch went on to say that even Trump's advisors could not explain why the president wanted to strike the deal.

The Vienna nuclear agreement of 2015 was intended to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. In return, sanctions and trade barriers of the West should fall. The nuclear agreement is considered one of the most important, albeit one of the most controversial international agreements during the presidency of Trump's predecessor Barack Obama.

Trump then unilaterally announced in May 2018 the US exit from the agreement. The US government tightened its sanctions to force the leadership in Tehran to sign a new agreement with stricter conditions. In response, Iran is no longer in full compliance.

Police warned journalists before publication

The Mail on Sunday published Darroche's memo, even though the British police warned journalists on Friday not to publish information that had been stung. This too could be a criminal offense. Editors and politicians criticized the statements.

The police are currently investigating in connection with the resignation of Darroch. According to a newspaper report, she has been successful. She knew who stabbed the confidential memo of Ambassador Kim Darroch, the Sunday Times reported, citing government circles. A hacker attack by another country could be ruled out.

Publications on Darroch's ambassadors in the Mail had triggered a diplomatic exchange last week between Washington and London. US President Donald Trump described the British ambassador as "stupid guy" and "pompous idiots" and quit the cooperation because he had called the US government in his emails as "unable". Darroch then took his hat.

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