Trump Jr. shares the video of Donald Trump on CNN's Jim Acosta with a golf cart


The apple does not fall away from the tweet.

On Thursday, while the government was closing for its 20th day, Donald Trump Jr. has retweeted a doctoral video depicting CNN journalist Jim Acosta invested in a golf cart.

The visual insult (and not sequitur) came a few hours after Acosta reported that there was nothing that resembled a migration crisis that would justify President Trump declaring a national emergency to build a boundary wall, as they say is preparing the administration – at least not where Acosta was standing, in McAllen, Tex.

"In fact, it's pretty quiet here," said Acosta, after walking along a boundary fence and caressing a row of steel slats. In another video, the CNN journalist said that the residents felt "safe enough", despite the occasional migrants crossing a part of the border marked by a chain fence.

This prompted the president, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and Trump Jr. to stack on Acosta, saying that he demonstrated, in their view, that "WALL WORKINGS".

Sanders Thank you with grace Acosta to "do our work for us". Trump Jr. named "One of the best self-own videos ever !!!"

From there he had an escalation, with Trump Jr. and Acosta having traded a series of online shots that included the diminutive nickname "Jimbo" and at least two sides of the disdainful hashtag #ByeBye, as can be wait for the president's eldest son and CNN chief White House Correspondent in 2019.

Do you have trouble following? It does not matter: the spit ended with a meme – in particular, with Trump Jr. retweeting someone named Arthur Schwartz, who wrote: "Spotted: Jim Acosta plays golf today."

The tweet included an altered video of a golfer with "CNN" superimposed on his head and a "Trump" image that drives a golf cart with what looks like a "Hillary for Prison" sticker affixed to it . As the golfer prepares to swing, "Trump" lifts the vehicle against him and throws him down.

"Go home to mom!" Trump's voice can be heard in the video, apparently borrowing from an audio clip in which Trump has mocked a protester in one of his 2016 campaign rallies. "Hi! Go home to mom!"

If this sounds familiar, it may be because Trump tweeted a similar picture over a year ago from a train of cartoons investing a CNN reporter – a few days after a neo-Nazi self-professed and killed Heather Heyer with his car a violent rally "Unite the Right" in Charlottesville.

what The tweet arrived weeks after lawmakers criticized Trump for posting a video clip that showed him banging his body and hitting a man with "CNN" on top of his head (July 2017). It was, however, before Trump shared a GIF of himself by hitting Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball (September 2017) and before retyping an image depicting "CNN" crushed under his shoe (Christmas Eve) , 2017).

But for all the animosities that Trump shows towards CNN, it is Acosta that the president and his supporters seem to strike more. Trump has identified Acosta in the press conferences, calling him a "rude and terrible person" and an "enemy of the people".

In November, the White House made an unprecedented decision to suspend Acosta's press credentials, just hours after Trump raised objections to the questions that Acosta had asked at a press conference. White House officials also shared the doctoral video to try to reinforce their claims that Acosta had used physical strength on a female aide. CNN sued and, about two weeks later, a federal judge ordered the White House to temporarily restore Acosta's press credentials.

For his part, Donald Trump Jr. has increasingly become one of the most vocal supporters of his father's presidency, campaigning for candidates on his behalf and publicly defending Trump's policies – although Trump Jr. once claimed to be so busy managing the family business that he had almost "zero contact" with his father.

Online, Trump Jr. has emulated his father's approach to social media, the most charitably described as controversial. At the start of this week, Trump Jr. compared the boundary wall with the enclosures of a zoo in an Instagram post that was subsequently deleted. He was slammed for insinuating that the immigrants were like zoo animals. A spokesman for Trump Jr. told Hill that it was a "fake dispute" and that the comparison was "strictly related to the illustration of the danger and violence arising from unsecured borders".

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