Trump Keeps Digging His Own Grave, Ex-Army Investigator Says

Trump likes you Kirschnera he is digging his imaginary legal grave by being determined to keep compromising and convicting, as he showed in Wednesday’s debate. Kirschner criticized CNN for even airing the debate with Trump, whom he called “the man who tried to end American democracy.”

“Something good did come out of it, because Trump gave investigators and prosecutors more direct incriminating and actionable evidence with his statements,” Kirschner said on his YouTube channel, mentioning, for example, his comments about classified documents or lying about a phone call to a Georgia state representative. After losing the election, he wanted him to “find” 11,780 votes, which was one more than the winner of the election in Georgia, Joe Biden.

Find me 11,780 votes. Trump openly pressured Georgia officials in the phone call


During the debate, Trump also mocked anchor Kaitlan Collins and journalist E. Jean Carroll, whom he sexually assaulted, according to the final ruling. She is considering filing a civil lawsuit against him after his statements on Wednesday.

“The jury awarded punitive damages to Carroll. These are intended to deter Trump from spreading more defamatory lies in the future. And of course, what doesn’t happen… just a few days after the verdict, Trump goes and starts it all over again,” Kirschner pointed out.

“Trump is not subject to a jury verdict, damages, reprimand, court order, or gag order. Do you know what he is paying for? A prison cell,” he added.

Donald Trump announced his third candidacy for the post of US president in the fall.

Trump refused to call Putin a war criminal. He is cunning, he means


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2023-05-14 08:43:00

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