Trump KNEW in advance of Michael Cohen's request to organize a meeting with Putin


WASHING UP: MICHAEL FLYNN pleaded guilty to misrepresentation in December 2017. While awaiting sentence, Flynn was former President Trump's national security adviser and Robert Mueller's senior leader to date. He previously served when he was a three-star general as director of Presidential Defense Intelligence Agency for President Obama, but was fired. He admitted that he lied to special lawyer investigators about his conversations with a Russian ambassador in December 2016. He agreed to cooperate with the special consultants' inquiry. GUILTY: MICHAEL COHENFor guilty of eight counts of charges including fraud and two violations of finance in August 2018. He pleaded guilty to further counting of lying to Congress in November 2018. Pending sentence Cohen was Trump's personal lawyer, starting to work for him and the Trump organization in 2007 He is the longest-serving member of Trump's restricted circle to be implicated by Mueller. Cohen professed unconditional devotion to Trump – and arranged payments to silence two women who claimed to have sex with the then candidate: the porn star Stormy Daniels and the model of Playboy Karen McDougal. He admitted that payments to both women were violations of campaign finance – and admitted that he acted in the "direction" of the "Candidate-1": Donald Trump. He also admitted tax fraud by lying about his income from loans he made, money from taxi medals he owned and other sources of income, at a cost to the Treasury of $ 1.3 million. GUILTY: PAUL MANAFORSent guilty of eight allegations of bank and tax fraud in August 2018. He pleaded guilty to two other charges. Pending trial, Manafort has worked for the Trump campaign since March 2016 and presided over June-August 2016, overseeing the adoption of Trump as a Republican candidate at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. He is the official of the older campaign to be implicated by Mueller. Manafort was one of Washington DC's most long-term and influential lobbyists, but in 2015 his money dried up and the following year he turned to Trump for help, offering his campaign president for free – in the hope to earn more later. But Mueller dissolved his previous finances and discovered years of tax and banking fraud, as he coined money from political parties and pro-Russia oligarchs in Ukraine. Manafort pleaded not guilty to 18 charges of tax and banking fraud but was convicted of eight counts. The jury was stalled on the other 10 charges. In September, a second trial is scheduled with the accusation of not being registered as a foreign agent. GUILTY: RICK GATES Declared guilty of conspiring against the United States and making false statements in February 2018. Waiting for sentenceGates was the former deputy of Manafort at the political consultancy firm DMP International. He admitted that he conspired to defraud the US government on financial activity and lie to investigators about a meeting with a congressman in 2013. Following his declaration of guilt and the promise of cooperation, the public ministries have depleted the charges against Gates in bank fraud, conspiracy of bank fraud, failure to disclose foreign bank accounts, filing of false tax returns, aid in the preparation of false tax returns and false change in tax returns. GUILTY AND SUBJECT TO DAYS: GEORGE PAPADOPOLOUS Prepared guilty of false statements in October 2017. Sentenced to 14 days in September 2018, to be served later, Papadopoulos was a member of Donald Trump's campaign foreign policy advisory board. He admitted to lying to special board investigators about his contacts with the London professor Josef Mifsud and Ivan Timofeev, the director of a group of experts funded by the Russian government. He agreed to cooperate with the special consultants' inquiry. GUILTY AND INGESTED: RICHARD PINEDidentident guilty of identity fraud in February 2018. Sentenced to a year in prison, Pinedo is a 28-year-old computer specialist in Santa Paula, California. He admitted to having sold bank account numbers to Russian citizens on the Internet who had obtained using stolen identities. He agreed to cooperate with the special consultants' inquiry. FRIENDLY AND CHARGED: ALEX VAN DER ZWAAN: guilty of misrepresentation in February 2018. He served a 30-day prison term at the start of this year and was deported to the Netherlands on his release. Van der Zwaan is a Dutch lawyer for Skadden Arps who worked on a Ukrainian political analysis report for Paul Manafort in 2012. He admitted to lying to special adviser investigators when he spoke last time with Rick Gates and Konstantin Kilimnik . GUILTY: W. SAMUEL PATTEN: pleaded guilty in August 2018 of not being registered as a lobbyist while working for a Ukrainian political party. Pending sentence. Patten, a D.C. lobbyist a longtime associate was a business associate of Paul Manafort. He pleaded guilty to admitting he organized an illegal $ 50,000 donation to Trump's inauguration. He organized a & # 39; straw donor & # 39; American to pay $ 50,000 to the inaugural committee, knowing that it was actually for a Ukrainian business man. Neither the American nor the Ukrainian were named. LOADED: KONSTANTIN KILIMNIK Indicated for obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice. Kilimnik is a former employee of the Manafort political consultancy and helped him to lobby in Ukraine. He is accused of tampering with witnesses, after allegedly contacting people who had worked with Manafort to remind them that Manafort had only done lobbying for them outside the United States. It has been linked to Russian intelligence and is currently thought to be in Russia – effectively beyond the reach of extinction by Mueller's team.INDICTED: THE RUSSIANS Twenty-five Russian citizens and three Russian entities have been indicted for conspiracy to defraud the United States. Two of these Russian citizens were also accused of conspiring to commit cyber fraud and 11 were indicted for conspiring to launder money. Fifteen of them were also accused of fraud on identity. Vladimir Putin has ridiculed the accusations. Russia effectively blocks the extradition of its citizens. The only prospect that Mueller has to bring before a jury of the United States is if Interpol has its names on an international stop list – which is not made public – and have set foot in a territory that it extends into the United States.


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