News Trump new checks coronavirus: ensures that it will be...

Trump new checks coronavirus: ensures that it will be “dramatic”

  • Trump revealed that it is preparing new checks coronavirus
  • The president said, will be “dramatic”
  • Also ahead of when they might be ready

Far from worry about a second outbreak of COVID-19, the president, Donald Trump revealed that his administration is preparing “dramatic” (‘spectacular’) new checks of coronavirus.

In an interview with Nextar Broadcasting, the president said that they are considering stimulus payments of phase 4 “dramatic” for the summer.

“I think they’re working on something that is going to be very dramatic, very good,” said Trump in an interview picked up by Fox News.

“I think we are seeing a Phase 4. Phases 1, 2 and 3 have been fantastic for the people, in general … small-business owners, too. But we are seeking to do another thing well”, said the president.

In an interview with Anna Wiernicki of Nexstar, Trump also spoke about whether he was concerned about a second wave of COVID-19.

“No, I’m not because we know how to turn it off,” said Trump.

“We may have llamas and that we have embers, but the other day I was talking with Mike Pence, and I said that of more than 3 thousand counties, there is only a very small proportion of them have some kind of an outbreak.

“And what we have done is that we’ve closed that, and we’ll take care of that. But no, I am not concerned at all,” added Trump.


Last month, Trump also mentioned the possibility of offering a travel credit national called “Explore America” as part of a second round of stimulus payments, also known as checks of coronavirus.

While Trump did not mention a specific amount, it has been rumored about a proposal in Washington that would give us 4 thousand dollars additional exemptions from taxes to spend on theme parks, restaurants, hotels, and other business-related travel in the U.S., according to reports in the Orlando Sentinel.

The economic adviser of the White House, Kevin Hassett, also said last week that the odds of a stimulus package in the Phase 4 “are very, very high”, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, suggested the tenth day of June that the administration Trump is considering to send the americans another round of checks of coronaviruses to help in the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic, reported Fox Business.

“I think we are going to discuss seriously if we want to make more money direct to stimulate the economy,” said Steven Mnuchin during the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

New help for coronavirus could give you 4 thousand dollars for a vacation

After so much confinement to avoid the spread of coronavirus, who doesn’t fall well a vacation? And even more so if those vacations are free!

And is that according to the Sun newspaper, the president, Donald Trump floated the idea of a proposal of tax deduction for americans called “Explore America” last month at a round-table discussion with industry leaders.

This is a proposal for a tax deduction called “Explore America”, which supposedly was raised last month.

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