Trump news – live: Mike Pompeo says the president "perhaps" sent by God to save the Jews on the Golan Heights while Ivanka is accused of breaking the law


Having apparently left behind his extremely reckless feuds with John McCain and George Conway, the eccentric husband of Kellyanne, President Trump meets with a host of Caribbean leaders at his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort today, with Venezuela on the agenda.

The five leaders of Jamaica, the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Saint Lucia will arrive in Miami to express solidarity with the US appeal to oust the president of the Latin American country Nicolas Maduro in favor of the challenger Juan Guaido.

The Trump administration considers the government of Maduro a dictatorship and claims to have been re-elected in an illegitimate election. The United States sanctioned dozens of senior Venezuelan officials and blocked US banks from doing business with Venezuela, putting a strange financial squeeze on the country short of cash. The country is in an economic meltdown and millions of Venezuelans have fled.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says President Trump will use the meeting to thank the leaders for their support for peace and democracy in Venezuela and to discuss the potential opportunities for energy investments.

The nations in the Caribbean, however, have been divided on interfering in Venezuela.

For years, Venezuela has provided a reliable supply of oil to many Caribbean nations. They bought the oil under the PetroCaribe agreement, which gave them low-interest credit terms, but left them in debt to Caracas.

Ms. Sanders also said that Trump will use the meeting also to strengthen cooperation and counter "China's predatory economic practices".



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