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Today, exactly three years have passed since the Paris climate agreement came into effect, which means that Trump can now actually start taking steps to get the United States out.

Based on the agreement signed by Barack Obama in 2016, nearly 200 countries have set their own national targets to reduce or control the pollution of heat-trapping gases.

While Trump has talked about getting the United States out of agreement since June 2017, the terms of the agreement do not allow any country to withdraw during its first three years. That period ends on Monday.

The State Department states that the position of the Trump administration has not changed and that the United States intends to withdraw as threatened.

But the withdrawal is not immediate. A year must pass before the withdrawal becomes official, after the elections of 2020. This means that a new president could rejoin the agreements.

Climate activist for teenagers Greta Thunberg was interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres last week and against he insisted that it would not make sense in his meeting with Trump to try to change his position on the issue, not trusting him to hear the reason.

Incidentally, the Swede is stuck in Los Angeles and needs a ship to take her away across the Atlantic to reach the COP25 Climate Change Conference, now moved to Madrid due to unrest in Santiago, Chile.



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