Trump news – live: top officials fail to call New Zealand "terrorist attack" while the president expected to veto Congress vote


Donald Trump reacted to the Senate's decision to vote 59-41 in favor of a resolution expressing disapproval of his national emergency declaration on the "crisis" of illegal immigration at the southern border with a simple tweet of a word: " VETO!"

In a major embarrassment for the president, 12 Republicans voted against his invocation of emergency powers to get his signature USA-Mexico border wall, bringing the resolution to his desk and forcing him to exercise his office power to block it.

"I look forward to VETOING's resolution approved by the Democrats that would have OPEN BORDERS increasing crime, drugs and trafficking in our country," he followed with a second tweet. "I thank all the strong Republicans who voted to support border security and our desperate WALL!"

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We'll tell you this is true. You can shape your sight.

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