Trump officially invested by the Republican Party for the presidential election

Unsurprisingly, the American president was officially invested by the Republican Party as a candidate for his re-election in the presidential election on November 3.

US President Donald Trump was officially invested on Monday by the Republican Party as a candidate for re-election in the November 3 presidential election. Not surprisingly, the few 330 delegates from the Grand Old Party gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina, nominated the president as their candidate on the first day of the Republican convention.

One by one, the Republican representatives of each of the 50 American states, beginning in alphabetical order with Alabama, announced their support for the president. The threshold of 1,276 votes necessary to win the nomination was crossed shortly after noon.

The tenant of the White House was expected in Charlotte in the middle of the day.
In a tweet sent from Air Force One, he was indignant that CNN and MSNBC did not broadcast this vote state by state live. “Fake News!” He said. “This is what the Republican Party must fight against,” he added.

Earlier in the morning, Vice-President Mike Pence was also re-nominated by his party as a candidate for vice-president. “America needs four more years from Donald Trump in the White House”, he said in a brief speech. “I heard last week that democracy was at stake,” he said, referring to a phrase used several times by Democrats at their convention. “But we all know the economy is at stake, law and order are at stake,” he added.

Trump revives with Covid-19 treatment

If he will be present in the largest city of North Carolina on Monday, unlike Joe Biden who had not gone to Milwaukee, Donald Trump will not be entitled to the popular high mass on which he relied a lot. Only a handful of delegates made the trip.

The American President will make up for it by intervening during each of the four days of the convention, while the candidates traditionally speak only at the close, at the height of the event. Trump will pronounce his inauguration speech Thursday from the White House, which made some cringe, including on the Republican side, some tasting little of the mix between president and candidate.

Relaunch in the home stretch

Largely ahead in all national polls For weeks, given beaten in many key states, the current president wants to regain momentum, as he was able to do in 2016 after a difficult summer. His campaign team is counting on a “very optimistic and cheerful” convention to help him, said counselor Jason Miller on NBC on Sunday.

The idea, according to Sarah Sanders, White House spokesperson from July 2017 to July 2019, is to to decide with the apocalyptic tone of the Democratic convention, which turned entirely to the threat of re-election of the current president. “Their entire convention was devoted to criticizing Donald Trump,” added the president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, on ABC on Saturday. “It was a gloomy, disastrous and truly depressing vision from America. We will propose the opposite. “

Trump supporters are rallying across the country, like here in Portland, Oregon.

Authorization of plasma treatment

The aim is also to defend the record of the 45th American president, currently battered for its management of the Covid-19 pandemic and whose trump card, namely the health of the economy, is no longer an asset. Donald Trump began the counterattack on Sunday with the announcement of a therapeutic “breakthrough” in the search for treatments against the coronavirus, likely to “save a considerable number of lives”. He thus announced the emergency authorization of the transfusion of blood plasma from cured people of coronavirus to hospital patients, a treatment already widely used in the United States.

Transfusion of this plasma, which contains antibodies, aims to enable patients to eliminate the virus more quickly and to limit its damage to the body. If the treatment has already produced results, its exact effectiveness is still debated. And it presents a risk of side effects and transmission of infectious agents. As for the “historic breakthrough” announced by Trump, the FDA already authorized plasma transfusion of people recovered from the coronavirus under certain conditions, as part of clinical trials or for patients in desperate circumstances.

Diplomatic successes and victories

“You will hear the president, and others, talk about all his successes over the past four years“during the convention, also added Sarah Sanders, referring in particular to” better trade agreements, higher wages and reduced taxation “.

“We’re going to show the impact on real people that the Trump-Pence administration has had.”

Kellyanne Conway

Donald Trump’s advisor

From the Middle East, where he is on the move, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expected to discuss diplomatic advances of the Trump administration, an unusual intervention for this type of event. “We are going to show the impact on real people that the Trump-Pence administration has had,” Kellyanne Conway, a close advisor to Donald Trump, told Fox News. “You will hear them directly.”

Rally the African-American cause

Republicans also made sure the presence of several African-American speakers at the Charlotte convention. The objective is to rally part of theblack electorate which is globally hostile to Donald Trump, including Tim Scott, the only African-American Republican senator. But many expect the President to quickly return to his usual rhetoric, which polarizes rather than unites.

In the last days, Donald Trump has thus adopted a tone very different from the one his party and his campaign team would like to give to the event.

“I am the only thing that separates the American dream from total anarchy, madness and chaos.”

Donald Trump

President and Republican candidate for the White House

“I am the only thing that separates the American dream from total anarchy, madness and chaos,” the president explained Friday. He was resuming there his favorite angle of attack weeks and warned against a victory of Democrats presented as lax in terms of public order, immigration and public finances.

He continues to dig his grave“, said the former campaign manager of Barack Obama in 2008, David Plouffe, on Fox News.” And the question is whether he will be able to change next week. “If Donald Trump remains on his line, he warns, “its base will love it, they will get excited, but the rest of America will zap.


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