Trump points out: Quarrels over Huawei could be solved in trade talks


US President Donald Trump has promised to resolve the dispute over telecoms equipment supplier Huawei in trade talks with China.

"I imagine Huawei being involved in some form of trade deal," Trump told the White House in Washington. However, when asked by reporters, Trump did not give details of what such a deal might look like. He merely emphasized that any agreement would be "very good for us, I can tell you that".

The US placed Huawei on a blacklist of companies whose business relationships with US partners are tightly controlled last week. Trump justified his steps with safety concerns against technology from China. On Thursday, Trump repeated the sweeping allegations. Huawei is "very dangerous".

Since the US government has so far not specifically substantiated the allegations against the Chinese technology group, many experts had seen the sanctions before the current Trump statements in the context of the trade conflict between the US and China.

Anyone who wants to sell or transfer US technology to Huawei has to acquire a license. This can be denied if security interests are affected. The Chinese government complained on Thursday about an "economic chicane" by the US. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo then accused Huawei boss Ren Zhengfei of lying about the group's ties to the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party.

So far it is still completely open, whether and how it can come to an agreement in the trade conflict with China. Trump is under pressure in domestic politics because the sanctions are also having a negative impact on the US economy and especially on the agricultural industry. Trump could try to make a breakthrough with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Japan in late June.


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