World Trump proposed a former military attaché in Moscow to...

Trump proposed a former military attaché in Moscow to the post of ambassador to Ukraine

US President Donald Trump has nominated retired General Keith Dayton to the post of ambassador to Ukraine, the White House said in a statement. Previously, he was a military attache at the US Embassy in Moscow.

Since 2010, Mr. Dayton has been the head of the George Marshall Center in Garmisch in Germany. He also serves as an American defense adviser in Ukraine. He speaks Russian and German.

The post of US Ambassador to Ukraine has been vacant since May 2019. Prior to this, Marie Jovanovic held the post, Washington recalled her. Mr. Trump accused her of disloyalty. Ms. Jovanovic was one of the key witnesses in the impeachment case.

The fact that Mrs. Jovanovic talked about the “unofficial channel” of US diplomacy is in the article “Kommersant” “Trump was in the morning.”



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