Trump received warnings since January 29 of the threat posed by the coronavirus

Washington – Since January 29, a White House adviser warned President Donald Trump that the coronavirus could become a pandemic that would risk the lives of “millions of Americans.”

Peter Navarro, adviser on Commercial Exchange and Manufacturing Public Policy of the White House, indicated in a memo that due to the absence of a vaccine, the coronavirus “would leave Americans defenseless” in the event of an outbreak.

“This lack of protection increases the risk that the coronavirus will become a full-blown pandemic, endangering the lives of millions of Americans.”Navarro said, according to the document released by The New York Times.

In briefings, the president has indicated that “no one” could predict that the coronavirus would become a threat to the United States.

Two days after Navarro’s memorandum, Trump ordered the cancellation of flights and the entry into the United States of non-nationals from China.

By February 23, in another memo, Navarro said the growing possibility of a COVID-19 pandemic “could infect up to 100 million Americans, with a loss of life of up to 1.2 million.”

Trump tried multiple times to lessen the threat of the coronavirus. The same day as Navarro’s second memorandum, Trump argued that the coronavirus “is largely under control in this country.”

The director of the White House Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, and the United States surgeon general, Jeremo Adams, indicated today that they had not seen Navarro’s memorandum.

As of this afternoon, more than 12,000 Americans, almost all in the past month, have died from the coronavirus.


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