Trump removes the credentials from the journalist who has faced it


The White House yesterday withdrew the credentials of CNN television journalist Jim Acosta who addressed US President Donald Trump during a press conference to evaluate the results of the mid-term elections. When Acosta asked her about the caravan of immigrants trying to reach the country from Mexico, Trump reacted with virulence: "Frankly, I think you should let me drive the country." The two men dived into a jolt and a hurricane that ended with Trump insulting the journalist. "Leave the microphone … I'll tell you one thing: CNN should be ashamed to work there, you're a rude person, a terrible person," the president said.

Trump, for a journalist: "You are a rude person, a terrible person"

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a tweet that she took the unusual decision to suspend credentials in Acosta to "get their hands" on the worker who tried to grab the microphone when Trump told him that his turn was over. "The president awaits and receives difficult questions," said Sanders, "but we will not tolerate this behavior."

Journalists make pineapples

Both CNN and colleagues from Acosta and the White House Journalist Association criticized Trump and his decision to withdraw access to the White House to do its job. "The granting of journalistic credentials can not be used as a tool to punish a journalist with whom he has a bad relationship," said the journalist's statement. In addition, some journalists have criticized the fact that the White House spokesman used a manipulated video of the Infowars website – known to distribute conspiracy theories – of the time between the journalist and Trump.


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