Trump said to be irritating over Wall Street's negative review of the China deal – CNN


Ahead of Trump's meeting with Xi, held on Saturday evening in Argentina, some of Trump's were to be traded with China. That left, to the right, with the issue of Xi.

Trump felt sure to be established on Saturday.

Contrary to some his advisers, Trump remains confident his combative China policy is not roiling markets; instead, he's blamed the Federal Reserve. He has told people this week.

But he's a non-violent man who did not try to prove himself more stabilizing, and expressed concern that he suffered.

The President has stepped into his deal, opening Friday with a tweet asserting, "China talks are going very well!"

Also Friday morning, Larry Kudlow, director of the Trump's National Economic Council, said in an appearance on CNBC that has been suggested to be extended to the current 90-day negotiating window if there is "good, solid movement and good action."

But China trade adviser Peter Navarro, the trade hawk of the White House, struck a different tone on CNN. Navarro suggested Trump would simply "raise" existing tariffs on $ 200 billion worth of Chinese goods.

"We have a president that's going to stand up for that for once," Navarro said.

That triggered the market turn. It was an echo of Tuesday, when Trump himself undercut confidence in his own deal by issuing threats on Twitter.

"President Xi and I want this deal to happen," Trump wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. "But if not remember, I am in Tariff Man."

The Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped nearly 800 points

Arrest triggers fresh doubts about Trump & # 39; s ability to deliver on China deal
A frustrated President asked what happens, and has worked to convey optimism since then.

The White House says the deal will go to China.

In return, Trump agreed to hold off on plans to raise all current tariffs to 25% on January 1.

But details about the likelihood of progress and specifics of the agreement have been slim.

News the US requested the arrest of a Huawei executive in Canada on December 1, the day of the Trump-Xi dinner, has only been added to trade war with Beijing will continue.



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