Trump says that Pelosi "doesn't understand" CUSMA after he asked for time to review – National


President Donald Trump said Thursday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not include the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) and told US representative Robert Lighthizer that he wanted two weeks to find out about the agreement.

"Pelosi she doesn't understand the bill, she doesn't understand it … so she has to get up to sniff, learn the bill, "said Trump.

"Trump needs an" intervention "for the good of the country," says Pelosi

The spokesman and representatives of the Chamber would usually spend some time studying such an agreement before presenting it to the chamber as part of the legislative process.

Trump attacked Pelosi Thursday, after the infrastructural interview with the democratic legislators, the day before collapsed between congressional tentacles expanding in business and in the Trump administration.

"I tell you one thing, I have observed and observed it for a long time. You are not the same person. You lost it," Trump said during comments on an aid package for farmers affected by trade war with China.

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