Trump settles with Ambassador and Theresa May


PPresident Donald Trump has expressed his contempt for the diplomat after hearing critical memos from the British Ambassador in Washington. “We will not deal with him anymore,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Monday. He did not know the ambassador, but he was not popular.

The British newspaper “Mail on Sunday” had quoted from secret memos by Ambassador Kim Darroch. In it, the government of Trump is described as “incompetent”. The American president exudes uncertainty and act awkwardly, Darroch wrote. “We do not really expect this government to become more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less split; less diplomatically clumsy and awkward, “Darroch wrote in a telegram.

Trump linked his announcement on Monday with sharp criticism of British Prime Minister Bregenz's Theresa May's Brexit course. She has caused havoc, the Republican wrote. “I told her how to do it, but she decided to go another way.” The good news for Britain is that the country will soon have a new prime minister.

May: Full trust in Darroch

Meanwhile, London is looking for the cause of the leak. “Of course there will be grave consequences if and when we find out who is responsible,” said British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt on Monday. British diplomats around the world should be able to trust that “they can continue to give us their honest assessments.”

Hunt also distanced himself from Darrach's assessment that it was “personal opinions”. The American government remains “most effective under Trump and the best friend of Britain on the international stage”.

Outgoing head of government Theresa May has “full confidence” in Darroch, without sharing his opinion on the US government, said a spokeswoman for Mays. The publication of the memos was “completely unacceptable”. Foreign Trade Minister Liam Fox told the BBC in view of ongoing negotiations on a new free trade agreement between the two countries that the process was “unprofessional, unethical and unpatriotic”.

The British Foreign Office has not questioned the authenticity of the endorsements. A spokeswoman said ambassadors were paid “to be honest” and to provide ministers with a “sincere, unvarnished assessment of politics in their country.” According to the Daily Telegraph, up to 100 people in the State Department and other government agencies see such endorsements. But few high-level ministry representatives would have access to all the documents.



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