Trump turns his back on Fox by refusing to participate in the Republican debate

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Donald Trump confirmed today that he will not participate in the debate of the Republican candidates for the White House on Wednesday in Milwaukee. This despite maintaining an abysmal advantage over the rest in the party’s primaries. Or precisely because of that. She made it clear through his social network, Truth Social. “A new CBS poll has come out with me leading the field with legendary numbers…so I won’t be in the debates,” he wrote.

His intention, according to political analysts, is to turn his back on Fox, which will broadcast the event, and incidentally try to divert attention from the rest of the political rivals. The former president assumes that if he does not appear in the debate, the space will lose attention and audience, which not only benefits his interests but also helps him in his particular war with the conservative network.

Trump did not sit well with Fox’s positive coverage of his main opponent on the Republican caucus, the governor of Florida. Ron DeSantisnor the scandal about the lies about electoral fraud that cost the network’s star presenter, Tucker Carlson, his job after the multimillion-dollar agreement with Dominion for 787 million dollars to settle the lawsuit against the entity.

That is why his plan is to broadcast an interview with Carlson precisely on Wednesday, the day of the debate, as a coup de effect. This after Fox executives tried to convince him until the last minute to attend the debate. Last month, both Jay Wallace, president of Fox News, and CEO Suzanne Scott met with the former US president in Bedminster, New Jersey, to get him to change his mind.

Trump feels in a position of strength, once again. The polls show them as a clear favorite against the list of Republican candidates to obtain the nomination in the primaries again, as they already achieved in 2016. The last one carried out by NBC News, The Des Moines Register and Mediacom in the Iowa caucuses, which is traditionally the first State in dispute, they give it a 23 point lead over DeSantis, with 42% support from his party’s voters. The third in dispute is Tim Scott, senator from South Carolina, with only 9% support, on a list that includes Nikki Haley, Mike Pence or Chris Christie.

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