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The green New Deal is forcing conservatives and liberals alike to talk more about climate change, fueling Republican attacks and dividing some Democrats.

The proposal of the progressives established objectives to limit pollution by entrapment due to heat and reduce inequity, but provided few practical details.

The House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, today dared the main House Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, to hold hearings on the Green New Deal, which some Democrats consider unattainable compared to more targeted proposals to reduce greenhouse gases.

"This is the beginning of a conversation that I think is long overdue," McCarthy told a news conference.

He said the plan presented by MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey "would control almost every element of our lives", from travel and home ownership to agriculture.

Greg Walden, the Republican summit of the energy committee, said that the Democrats of the Chamber "are afraid of having this debate in public and in committees".

Rob Bishop, the Republican high on the natural resources committee, said the Green New Deal ideals would be "equivalent to genocide" for rural communities, quickly adding "that it could be an exaggeration but not much".

Many Republicans of Congress in recent years have continued to question scientists' findings that humans are warming the planet and that climate change is a serious and urgent threat.

But Garret Graves, the top Republican of the recently formed select committee on climate change, thanked the authors of the green New Deal for "brainstorming and throwing out concepts to help improve our environment, help reduce energy costs, help increase salaries and provide better job opportunities for all Americans. "

At the same time, he called the Green New Deal an "exercise in a school of utopian grammar".

While the green New Deal pushed more Republicans to tackle climate change, it did not lead them to present their substantial solutions.

McCarthy has refused to elaborate the ways in which Republicans could reduce carbon dioxide pollution.

Moderate democrats in the new democratic coalition affirmed that the Green New Deal has contributed to raising the urgency of climate change, but that they would pursue more "achievable" policies.

"We are all interested in these same problems. The green New Deal is ambitious. But what we want to do is offer tangible and achievable things," deputy Elaine Luria (D-Va.) Said.

Pennsylvania Democrat Susan Wild said, "We haven't really seen anything since it was launched in terms of concrete proposals," he said.

"Regardless of the approach," he said, "he is not a member of the democratic caucus who is not seriously concerned about climate change."



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