World Trump: vaccine possibly as early as three or four...

Trump: vaccine possibly as early as three or four weeks

A vaccine for the coronavirus may be ready in three or four weeks, President Trump has said. That would be for the presidential election on November 3. “We are very close,” the president said at a voters’ rally in Philadelphia.

“If you want to know the truth,” Trump said, “it might have taken the previous administration years to get a vaccine from the FDA and all the approvals. And we’re weeks away from it. It could be three. or be four weeks. “

According to Trump’s top advisor, infection expert Anthony Fauci, Trump’s assessment is likely too optimistic. This month, Fauci said most experts agree there could be a vaccine in November or December. He called October unlikely.

There are concerns within the FDA and the medical community that accelerated approval is at the expense of the effectiveness and safety of a vaccine.

‘Made bigger rather than smaller’

Trump said, as before, the virus will eventually go away on its own. He also denied that he publicly downplayed its severity at the start of the corona outbreak. In his actions, he claims to have made the outbreak larger rather than smaller.

Last week came out that Trump said in a February interview with renowned journalist Bob Woodward that the virus was deadly, and far more dangerous than the flu. “You breathe the air and that’s how it spreads,” Trump said in taped conversations. Trump publicly said later that month that the coronavirus is similar to the flu virus.


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