News Trump wants Biden to take a drug test before...

Trump wants Biden to take a drug test before the first presidential debate – NBC Utah

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump on Sunday demanded that his rival in the November elections, Democrat Joe Biden, take a drug test before Tuesday’s televised debate, the first in which both candidates met. they will see the faces.

“I strongly request a drug test for Biden’s sleepyhead before or after Tuesday night’s debate,” Trump said on Twitter.

The US president, who assured that in that case he would also undergo a test, justified his request by the supposedly “irregular” performance of the Democratic candidate in past electoral debates.

“Could only drugs have caused this discrepancy?” Trump wondered in his message on the social network.

Although there is no proof of this, this is not the first time that the president of the United States has accused Biden of using drugs to overcome electoral debates, as he did so recently in a television interview and before in statements to a newspaper.

Trump has been questioning Biden’s mental health since 2018, when he was beginning to emerge as his possible rival in this year’s election, and in recent months he has hardened his attacks in interviews and rallies.

However, the perception of Trump has improved among Latinos.

What the Republican leader is suggesting – and what some figures close to him have openly said – is that Biden suffers from dementia.

The “uneven” performance in the debates that Trump is aiming at refers to Biden’s performance during the Democratic primary, when he struggled in initial debates with many candidates, but which closed with a successful head-to-head against the leftist Bernie Sanders.

Trump and his campaign are trying to define the first presidential debate as an ability test for the 77-year-old former vice president, three more than the current White House tenant.

The Mexican actor could be a member of Trump’s cabinet and talks about his support for the president.

Currently, most polls give Biden a clear advantage at the national level, although elections are expected to be decided in a small group of hinge states where polls are tighter.

The first electoral debate will take place next Tuesday, September 29 at the University of Cleveland (Ohio), after its original headquarters, the University of Notre Dame (Indiana), renounced to host it due to the coronavirus pandemic.



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